ARO Oval Washbasin by Krion ®

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Water is the central element of this series inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. Hence, the deep concave shapes of the different elements of the ARO collection, reminiscent of the porcelain bowls used in this rite. Under this premise, estudi{H}ac redefines an ancestral tradition with a modern design shaped by a material as innovative as the KRION® mineral compact based on subtle, natural and clean lines, materialized in semicircular figures with a warm touch.

A flat strip in the shape of a ring frames the different elements, recalling the hands of those who offer the tea to the guest, in the same way that the bathroom offers water for intimate and personal use.

Washbasin made of KRION® SOLID, 80×50 cm, wall-hung, with a centered bowl, without overflow and with a hole for taps.

Available in 3 colour choices: White/White, White/Black and White/Beige

Tap not included. Taps sold separately.

ARO Oval Washbasin by Krion ®